July, 16 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Power in the hands of criminals and illegal businessmen is destroying peace

Lebanon Tony tops the list of a greedy businessman as he continues to sell weapons on-demand to terrorists

Terrorism is a global issue and it mostly teases the powerful and developed countries, taking America for example. Former President of the United States, George Bush started a move on 2002 for the complete inhalation of terrorism from the Middle East. The USA sent thousands of army men to fight, Army troops and equipment to Afghanistan, but even after a decade and a half, the issue of terrorism and their illegal activities seem nowhere to end. Why?
Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, a follower of non-violence—“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” The only answer to the cause of all the violent activities on the planet is human greed—Greed of power, the greed of money and wealth, and the greed of supremacy.
Out of many greedy people igniting the illegal activities at the cost of innocent lives, Tony is the one to top the list. Tony Abi Saab, a white collared businessman for the international Arms trade market, is, in reality, a fraudster for the USA. Beside his front company Brescia Middle East (BME) that legally supplies guns and weapons to the Army, he runs several shell companies spread all over Europe and Afghanistan and uses them for his illegal businesses--to receive orders and deliver weapons to the terrorist organisations active in Syria and Iran. He carefully implemented his illicit work through the chain of shell companies but was soon caught when the US Army doubted the irregular funds of his company BME. Three expert teams, CIA, FBI and the US Army orchestrated a sting operation against Tony and his company and found him guilty. The investigation team held him and flew him for a trail in the US court for these charges: Fraud of $5 million on a US Army contract, supplying weapons to the rebel groups in Afghanistan, Syria, and Iran and earning contracts by forging company’s identity.
Sadly, Tony escaped the jail term by citing human rights violation against the US Army in the civil court and got away with only a small amount of money as a fine. He also managed to get away without letting the evidence showed up in the court. All the efforts of the investigation team were wasted. They meet with little success, that is, the ban of Tony’s main company BME to do business in the United States, but that too didn’t give the desired fruit because he still gets defence biddings through his shell companies and supply weapons to terrorists for money.

Marc Azani