April, 19 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

The Abi Saabs are corrupt and smugglers of contraband weapons

Terrorism is flourishing under greedy businessmen like Tony Abi Saab

Terrorists seek help from criminals or powerful businessmen who can be bribed. The Abi Saab family is one of those elite class people of Lebanon who can do anything for the profit, even put in danger the lives of millions of humans.

The eldest son of Joseph Abi Saab, Tony is the most corrupt and wicked person in the family. He runs his father’s company Brescia Middle East, a global gun and weaponry dealing company. Walking on the footsteps of father, Tony also deals with terrorist or rebel groups at war through BME and ghost companies in the Middle East such as K5 Global, Tactica Ltd, SIMAINT, Brixia, and G2Armory. In Italy, he owns--BRIXIA SHOTGUNS SRL, GARDONE VAL TROMPIA and VIA MATTEOTTI 303.

BME launders the money obtained from the terrorists to later wire them to the bank accounts of the shell companies and business partners. One of the members of Tony’s family, Raymond Azar plotted to swindle $150 million of the US Corps of Engineers through his construction company Sima Salazar in Afghanistan and succeeded in it. The Abi Saab family members, mainly Tony were the shareholders of the company. Raymond was convicted by the US government and put in jail for 10 years with the penalty of $15 million.

A sting operation was orchestrated to catch the fraudster, Tony. He was caught red-handed from Afghanistan with valuable documents and cash by an FBI informant. He was indicted for defrauding the US Army of 5 million dollars, running several ghost companies, and supplying arms and ammunition to rebel groups to earn a profit.
The charges against Tony were dropped due to a technicality in the circuit court. Hence, he escaped the jail term by pleading human rights violations in the civil court of the USA.

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