April, 10 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Tony Abi Saab’s company BME close business link with Sima Salazar Group

Illegal arms dealer Tony Abi Saab didn’t serve any jail-term in spite of committing contract fraud with the US Army of 5 million USD.

Tony Abi Saab belongs to the Abi Saab family consisting of his father Joseph and brother Hady. They are the owners of Brescia Middle East(BME) which has an active license in Lebanon and specialized in importing and exporting of hunting guns and related ammunition. Brescia Middle East was founded in 1981 by Joseph Abi Saab. In 1988, BME first factory was founded in kfour kesrwan.

Tony Abi Saab's ghost companies K5 Global, Tactical Ltd, Bennet-Fouch, G2Armory, and SIMAINT supplies illegal arms and ammunition to the rebel groups for earning profit. Tony's chain of ghost firms are used to sell weapons by providing a collection of false end-user certificates and afterward manipulating arms deals.

Tony Abi Saab’s Brescia Middle East (BME) has close business links to the Sima Salazar Group via Tactia Ltd. The company Tactica Ltd was mainly involved in purchasing arms commercially and selling them in the black market to terrorist groups. The US agencies were able to catch and punish Raymond Azar, owner of Sima Salzar group in Afghanistan and Tony’s partner in crime. Raymond Azar duped the US Army of 150 million USD because of which he was sentenced to jail for ten years.

The US army along with CIA and FBI did a sting operation in Afghanistan against Tony and his fraud partners. Tony and his alleged girlfriend Dinorah Cobos a.k.a Sarah Lee was caught red-handed with bribe money and valuable documents. The investigation team arrested them and flown back to Washington to stand a trial. Sadly, he was released without serving any imprisonment and paid a small amount of penalty. It happened because of a technicality in the circuit court. Although, Tony’s company BME (Brescia Middle East) was banned in the US, he is still doing business in other parts of the world. He is roaming freely as if he hasn’t committed any crime.

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