March, 07 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Tony and Raymond cheated the US Corps of Engineer of multi-million dollars

Sima Salazar was laundering Tony’s foul money, probably helping in his weapon smuggling business

Tony Abi Saab and Raymond Azar faked to be strangers to each other in front of the US officials for making their illegal business a cake walk. The President of Sima Salazar Group, Raymond Azar was already under suspicion after being listed one of ten top Army officials to be detained in context to the assassination of Syrian Prime Minister. The owner of Brescia Middle East, Tony Abi Saab maintained a distance from Azar after that, but only in front of the US officials.

The truth about Azar and Tony is that they are close family relatives and most of the shareholders of the Sima Salazar group are Abi Saab members. They together defrauded the Army through their shell companies--K5 Global and Bennet Fouch of 5 million dollars. Through Sima Salazar, they swindled multi-million dollars in contracts fraud in Afghanistan. The companies have disappeared since exposed, shutting down their local offices.

Tony is an illegal arms dealer who smuggles weapons to the terrorist regions in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan. Raymond’s Sima Salazar works against the military by abusing the US dollars provided to his company to construct a road or a building in war-torn countries.

BME is a base to operate the shell companies in the Middle East and Europe. It launders crime money obtained from the terrorists after delivering them their desired weapons. Tony's company Tactica Ltd was in regular business deals with Sima Salazar, which was purchasing arms commercially and selling them in the black market. Another company of Tony, Brixia produced spare parts for weapons and smuggled them to countries throughout the Middle East for reassembly and sales.

Sima Salazar and BME collectively worked against the US troops to favor terrorist organizations and themselves. Raymond was imprisoned for ten years but Tony escaped the heavy jail term due to a technicality in the circuit court.

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